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Joshua Smith is a Photographer and Film Maker from Dallas, Texas. He has been a photographer for 5 years. He started in high school with a camera that ran on floppy disk drives and developed a love of photography that grew into a profession. He developed his techniques while attending the Art Institute of Dallas. His portfolio includes weddings, bat mitzvah, bridal portraits, head shots, model shoots, portraiture, sports, aerial, fine prints, gallery, subterranean and many more forms photography.

Joshua was raised in Greenville, Texas and a country farm in Diana, Texas by his parents and grandparents. Living on the farm gave him an appreciation for nature and an honest day's work. Living in Greenville gave him an ideal place to learn and experiment with his photography and Film-making.

Employment: Joshua Smith manages operations and also takes pictures for PE Images. He also works with Illumination Fireworks as a technician.

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